Sonic Anchor #42: see it if you can

Venue / McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre 

Date/ 2023.12.19

Featured Artists /

Cheuk Wing Nam


Sonic Anchor #42: see it if you can features two sound artists who are interested in the relationship of what is audible and visible. Cheuk Wing Nam brings a “program” to the stage questioning the presence and the coexisting role of the performer and instrument in a performance area. mafmadmaf combines the bits and pieces he captured from the pagoda towers in the East Asian region, and recreates the essence of the tiered towers in a live set.

聲音下寨#42:如能,視之呈獻兩位對可聽之物與可視之物之間的關聯感興趣的聲音藝術家。卓穎嵐將把「程式」帶到舞台上,並叩問表演者和樂器在表演空間中的存在和共存關係。mafmadmaf 則結合他在東亞地區捕捉「塔」的點滴,在現場表演中重新建構這些層塔的精髓。

Cheuk Wing Nam

Cheuk Wing Nam is an interdisciplinary artist who devotes to develop her artwork with new concepts of mixing sound and other media with the modern computer technology.

She graduated from her Master Degree of Visual Arts (Studio Art and Extended Media) in Hong Kong Baptist University. She is specializing herself in new media installation and sound sculpture.






Born and raised in Canton, mafmadmaf is a sound artist who also engages in graphic design and publishing. His work mainly includes ambient music, installation and publications. Inspired by the openness and logical rationality of modular synthesizers and combined with interdisciplinary practice in biological sciences, visual arts and musical instrument training, his creation is thus full of experimental spirit and structural aesthetics. He has been running an independent publishing house Jyugam ( since 2020. For more information about his over decade of practice in graphic design, printed matters and publishing, please visit

生長於廣州, mafmadmaf 是一名聲音創作者,同時從事平面設計和獨立出版,作品類型主要包括氛圍音樂、裝置和出版物。聲音創作啓發於模組合成器的開放與邏輯理性,結合其生物科學、視覺藝術、樂器訓練等跨領域經驗,他的作品充滿實驗精神和結構美感。曾參與國內外藝術節、展覽等,享受於不同場域特性中創造聲音景觀。2020 年起運作獨立出版機構 Jyugam。他亦從事平面設計工作超過十年至今,關於視覺設計和出版的更多內容請查看網站