Sonic Anchor #41: Invisibly Hollow

Venue / McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre 

Date/ 2023.09.19

Featured Artists /


Tak Cheung Hui 

First Sonic Anchor of the 2023-2024 season features two artists with backgrounds in music composition and found their way to exploring sound performances and immersive sound spaces.

Sonic Anchor #41: Invisibly Hollow opens with Annisa Cheung’s (aka nnscya) solo performance weaving the overlooked and subtle sensory experiences with our listening experiences into one through the manipulation of the room condition and turning the data generated from this manipulation into sound.

Tak Cheung Hui presents a new version of ‘I saw you in the Void’ at the McAulay Studio together with Chang-Yu Wu, a Taiwanese flutist, and the Sugar Factory film, SOAP, by a Taiwanese artist Ting Tong Chang. The film carries out the framework for the interwoven sounds of the live performance and the soundscape that is designed for the fictitious story of the factory.

2023-2024 季度首場聲音下寨將呈獻兩位由作曲背景,轉而探索聲音表演和沉浸式聲響空間的藝術家。

張靜瑜 (aka nnscya) 的個人演出為聲音下寨 #41: Invisibly Hollow 揭開序幕,通過操縱場地的條件,再將其產生的數據轉化為聲音,將被忽視和微妙的感官體驗與我們的聆聽體驗編織在一起。

許德彰將在麥高利小劇場中,與台灣長笛手吳正宇一同演出 ‘I saw you in the Void’ 的新版本,包括了台灣藝術家張碩尹的糖廠電影《肥皂》,電影採用了現場表演的交織聲音和為工廠的虛構故事設計的音景作為框架。


一位音樂及聲音藝術創作者,也喜歡做跨媒體作品,nnscya過往作品函蓋電子及實驗音樂、舞蹈及短片配樂、室樂、管弦樂,也有裝置藝術和 web-base 作品。 從日常的瑣事出發, 包括生活經驗、記憶、 觸覺⋯⋯ 她透過平日的觀察,萃取當中微小的訊號並加以具像化, 探索當中有關震動與感知、聲音與情感的交錯。


music, dance and short film soundtracks, chamber and orchestral music. Taking inspiration from daily trivia, her research interest lies in exploring the crossroad of vibration and senses, sound and emotions, as in lived experiences, memories, and tactility of the body. She highlights such quotidian observations through sonification of signals and sound-visualization.

nnscya wanders between musical genres. She finds it difficult to categorise her style. Using existing words, reluctantly, she would describe her practices as experimental, electronic, and noise. However, she is now in a transitional phase to a more tonal and easy listening approach.



Tak Cheung Hui 

HUI, Tak-Cheung has a diverse portfolio that spans orchestral to multi-disciplinary pieces, and sound installations. His collaborative approach often involves working with artists and scholars from various disciplines.
He has been recognized with numerous international prizes, and his compositions have been showcased at various International music festivals. including the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Gaudeamus Muziekweek, ManiFeste Festival, ISCM Taipei New Music Festival, EstOvest Festival, and Goethe Institut Asian Composers' Showcase.