Sonic Anchor #40 Lam Yip x Paula Wong

Venue / McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre 

Date/ 2023.05.16

Featured Artists /

Lam Yip

Paula Wong

Jointly curated by Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong and Unlock Dancing Plaza, the last Sonic Anchor of the season features a collaboration of Lam Yip and Paula Wong. Launched in February 2023, the Duo Residency program is a platform for two artists to explore the cross-disciplinary collaborative approaches between the two forms: bodily expressions and sound. With a goal to explore the new languages for cross-disciplinary collaboration through continuous experiments and dialogue exchanges, the artist duo has developed a deeper understanding of the mediums seen in performance context and discovering new grammar in their artistic output. On May 16th, the duo will share their collaborative experiences and work-in-progress demonstrating their research approaches.

A workshop will be co-led by the two artists in the same weekend to share the knowledge and tools developed during the residency, while unfolding the past experience in their creative career and how that informs their present practice. The workshop will be held on May 20that Unlock Dancing Plaza studio.

聲音下寨本季度的最後一個節目由現在音樂和不加鎖舞踊館共同策畫,並呈獻林葉和黃寶娜的合作項目。Duo Residency計畫於2023年2月展開,提供一個讓兩位探索跨領域合作的平台,探討身體表達和聲音之間的合作方式。以發展出新的跨領域共同語言為目標,他們透過持續的實驗和對話交流,加深了對彼此媒介在表演語境底下的認識,並在發現新的藝術創作語言。於5月16日,他們將分享合作經驗和正在進行中的研究成果。



林葉為跨界藝術家及敲擊樂手,透過創作及表演探索聲音、聆聽、形體及空間之相互關係及可能性。林氏畢業於香港演藝學院,近年修習太鼓,並實驗從太鼓延伸的跨界創作和社會項目。林氏近期作品與演出包括「聲形」聲音藝術節《我的說話像河流》、Twenty Alpha《EYEWITNESSES》、Twenty Alpha《1.5m of Sound》、《浮星物語》音樂錄像、一才鑼鼓「香港微音樂」、「船到橋頭生活節」等。

Lam Yip

Lam Yip is a multidisciplinary artist and percussionist, having graduated from the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. Her work explores the dynamic interplay between sound, listening, movement, and space, and she uses her performances and creations to experiment with the possibilities of these elements. In recent years, Lam has focused on Taiko, a traditional Japanese drumming practice, and has used it as a jumping-off point for cross-disciplinary projects and social initiatives. Her recent works and performances, including Sound Forms “I Talk Like a River", Twenty Alpha “EYEWITNESSES”, Twenty Alpha "1.5m of Sound", "A Rogue Planet's Tale", The Gong Strikes One "Hong Kong Music Miniatures", and "Inter-island Festival" have been well-received and have demonstrated her range and versatility as an artist.


黃寶娜,創作人及表演者,2019 年畢業於中國文化大學藝術學院舞蹈系(台北市) ,主修現代舞。於2022年加入不加鎖舞踊館擔任駐團藝術家。

黃氏於2020-2021年發表作品《Men act, women appear 》及《Kerry & Frieda》打開對女性身體如何被觀賞及凝視的權力的探討。近年創作亦包括《一切由無意義開始》(2023)、《Tree》(2019) 其後亦參與本地編舞之作品,包括陳冠而作品《白日》(2022)、陳偉洛作品《愛若有如果》(2022)、李偉能作品《Drifting 》(2021)、譚雪華作品《Untitled》(2020)、周佩韻作品《Maze 3.0》及《活著》(2019)

Paula, Wong Pona

A choreographer and performer based in Hong Kong , graduated from Chinese Culture University Dance Department in 2019, majoring in Contemporary dance. In 2022, she became an artist in residence with Unlock Dancing Plaza.

She premiered her latest choreography [Men act, women appear] and [Kerry & Frieda] (2020-2021), unfolding perspectives in power of gaze and the expectation in the female body.

Recent Choreography includes[What should I do] (2023), [ Tree] (2019) She later also collaborates with local artists, including [Bright Day] by Chan Kwun Fee, [Reverie] by Chan Wai Lok, [Drifting] by Joseph Lee, [Untitled] by Sharon Tam, [Maze 3.0] and [ Tenacity] by Pewan Chow.


By kind permission of Unlock Dancing Plaza; “The Artistic Internship Scheme is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council