Sonic Anchor #39 Be Down in Waves

Venue / McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre 

Date/ 2023.02.28

Featured Artists /

Zubin Isaac

Fung Wing Lam

Co-presented by Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Arts Centre, the 39th edition of Sonic Anchor features audio-visual solo works by Mariko Neutral and Fung Wing Lam. Composer and Sound Designer Zubin Isaac (aka Mariko Neutral) takes on a new approach blending granular synthesis, feedback loops and generative sequencing techniques to create a stimulating sensory experience. New Media Artist Cat Lam will be experimenting with the dynamics of the automated set up to amplify the perceivable sounds through observation and imagination.

由現在音樂及香港藝術中心合辦的聲音下寨#39 將會為觀眾呈獻由Mariko Neutral及馮穎琳各自的視聽作品。作曲家兼聲音設計師Zubin Isaac (又名Mariko Neutral) 以新的手法混合顆粒合成、回授迴路、以及電子生成模進等不同技巧為現場觀眾帶來感觀刺激的體驗;新媒體藝術家馮穎琳將會實驗以自動裝置,透過觀察及想象擴大可接受的聲音。

Mariko Neutral

Zubin Isaac has been releasing music and audio-visual content for several years as Mariko Neutral. Isaac’s creative output under the moniker aims to stretch audience attention-spans, embracing repetitive, hypnotic gestures with the ultimate goal of distorting the audience’s perception of time and self.

Zubin Isaac 近年以Mariko Neutral 的身份創作音樂及視聽在品,作品旨在延長人類注意時間,採用重複的、催眠的手法,以達到扭曲觀眾對時間和自我的感知的終極目標。

Fung Wing Lam

Fung Wing Lam is a new media art artist and interactive designer. She graduated from the School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong. Most of her works are inspired from daily life experience, by making use of environment, body sensation, and spatial as the medium, to express her artistic ideas with electronic devices, images, and programming devices. Her works were exhibited in Art Basel Hong Kong, Cattle Depot Artist Village, PMQ, Hong Kong City Hall, JCCAC and Hong Kong Arts Centre.