Sonic Anchor #37 Cycle Manoeuvring

Venue / McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre 

Date/ 2022.07.11

Featured Artists /

Plankton (Allison Fong, Ian Tang and Yoyo Yau)

Pak-Sze (ft Maggie Chan & Chan Chung Hang, Julie)

Sonic Anchor #37: Cycle Manuoeuvring features the newly formed trio Plankton (Allison Fong, Ian Tang and Yoyo Yau), and Pak-Sze, joined by performer Maggie Chan, and percussionist Julie Chan.

Plankton made their first debut at West Kowloon Freespace TechBox, since then, the trio has devoted to exploring the incorporation of media arts and performance into their sound practices.

By putting together an installation performance involving dance, self-made speakers and percussion instruments, Pak-Sze intends to present a “ritual”, a means to reflect on our ignorant and yet, reliant behavior on technologies that might be seen as a tool on one side, but a medium for manipulation on the other.

The two performances are followed by a post-performance discussion.

聲音下寨 #37 為觀眾帶來一個新組成的三人組合Plankton (方芷晴、鄧一言及丘悠然)以及栢思聯同表演者陳天樂及敲擊樂手陳仲珩的演出。





Plankton is formed by Ian Tang, Allison Fong and Yoyo Yau, graduated in the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. The trio specialises in sound studies, but has also branched out into media art and performance in their creation.

A Hong Kong-based composer and sound designer, Ian Tang has been composing and producing music for different projects, not limited to dance, documentaries, theatre, and films. As a sound artist, Ian is proceeding his research in motion capturing, interactive programming, generative computer music, and intergrading these elements into live performances and installations.

Allison Fong specializes in sound design. Her artistic creations range from installation art, theatre sound design, to live performance. Her interests in electronic sound, circuit bending art, and audio/visual expand her work at the juncture of sound and visual.

Yoyo Yau is a sound designer and drummer. She has involved in various theatre productions, taking up the roles as sound designer and live musician. Besides, her works also include multi-media art installations and music productions. Yoyo's is interested in delving into merging percussive elements with digital sounds, aiming to fully expand the boundaries between acoustic objects and programmed sounds.

Pak-Sze ft Maggie Chan & Chan Chung Hang, Julie 

The ritual is about to begin as you hear the sounds of familiarity and hope, and you wish all things remains unchanged as usual.





Pak-Sze is currently studying Composition and Electronic Music at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. His interests include contemporary music, jazz, fusion, sound art and installation art.