Sonic Anchor #36 Kwong Wai Yi & Sasa x Tsun Yeung

Venue / McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre 

Date/ 2022.06.28

Featured Artists /

Kwong Wai Yi and Sasa

Tsun Yeung 

The last Sonic Anchor of the season brings a duo of Kwong Wai Yi and Sasa, and Tsun Yeung to the McAulay Studio on June 28th (Tuesday) at 8pm. Kwong Wai Yi an Sasa use sound and moving image in their usual artistic practice - the duo will be pondering on the constant loss of memories and the notion of piecing fragments together to create new impressions of the past. Making his Hong Kong debut since his return to Hong Kong, Tsun Yeung is a computer musician and laptop music improviser. He will be manipulating improvised vocal sounds in the digital realm through live coding on the stage. 


Nostalgia is the notion of mourning over the constant loss of things. In this state, our mind reshapes the distorted memories of the long lost events and objects as an evidence of our existence.

The true events would never be remembered in full completeness; a new layer of impression is formed by piecing together memories through fragments of sound. The presence of memories is validated by the echo lingering in the air over time, often its existence is unnoticed until it dissolves.

Only when the sound strikes, we’d realize how much things have gone by.




Kwong Wai Yi / Sasa

KWONG WAI YI takes deconstructing media as her artistic practice, mainly with installation, but not limited to live sound experiment and moving image. While everything in the world has been amplified, she is trying not to believe that only the conspicuous ones are worthy.

Sasa (he/they) was a documentary filmmaker in their own family, and they take moving images and sound as their main creative practice. They have an attachment to the "truth" and often feel conflicted.




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In this performance, Winston will try to manipulate improvised vocal sounds in the digital realm through live coding (creating computer programmes that generate sound in real time). The vocal sounds will be modified into or substituted by twisting, harsh, and stochastic noises, just like how our voices are treated or interpreted sometimes.


Tsun Winston Yeung

Tsun Winston Yeung is a computer musician and laptop music improvisor. Graduated from the University of Birmingham with a PhD in Musical Composition, his outputs mainly explore around the topics of live coding, data sonification, sensor-based performance and multi-channel audio. His recent research investigates computer music performance with the use of data from the human body. The result of his works comprises a variety of genres including acousmatic composition, live electronics performances, as well as installations. His works have been presented and performed in various events around the globe, including New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME), International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), International Conference on Live Coding (ICLC), BEAST FEaST, and various Algorave events.