Sonic Anchor #38 Fountain Collective

Venue / McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre 

Date/ 2022.09.14

Featured Artists /

Fountain de Chopin

Collective Freedom Fountain de Chopin

Improvisation is a mixture of reflexes contributed by one’s aesthetic, practice, experience, etc., and the complexity of this mixture can be mysterious for both the doers and the spectators.

The Fountain Collective will give an improvisatory performance in the form of an open rehearsal, exploring the topics including (but not limited to) cross-style jamming, states of performer, and active listening on stage. Through dissection, demonstration and evaluation, the ensemble will unfold the inherent communication process developed by the group of improvisers, and the process of building a common language. In search for a temporary collective freedom, this open rehearsal is an attempt to demystify the notion of collective improvisation.

The open rehearsal will be conducted in Cantonese.

集體自由 翻騰三周半




Fountain de Chopin 爵士普及計劃成立於2021年初,是一個由本地爵士樂手主導的企劃,起源於新生代樂手對本地爵士樂生態的觀察及想像,旨於讓爵士樂在香港本地化,推廣爵士樂教育/美學,建立本地樂手互助社群,長遠地鼓勵創作和匠人意志等。

Fountain de Chopin 現階段 (2022 一月)主要工作為:

策劃爵士樂有關活動,例如: 工作坊/研討會/音樂節/跨界別合作等。

建立爵士樂有關創意內容(Creative Content) ,來推廣爵士樂教育/美學等。

以樂手身份在不同場合在界內外合作,例如:舞廳 DD9M Dance Battle Sound Design

Open Rehearsal / lecture performance (performance lecture)

with tasks (structural improv / hand sign system / db detector)

structuralize the improvisation as a rehearsal with imposed tasks

with projection with ppt

demystify free jam / free jazz

Demystifying Free Improvisation in the form of Lecture Performance and Open Rehearsal

Based on the combination of performances and feedback sessions, the Fountain Collective will dissect, demonstrate, evaluate and unfold the inherent communication process developed by the group of improvisers, and the process of building a common language through restrictive practices and tasks. During the task based improvisation, the Collective will be improvising by following the dB meter, a hand-sign system and other specific instructions. Followed by the feedback sessions, the musicians will reveal and unfold their process of completing the tasks and how it helps to deepen their ability to communicate by creating their own musical, verbal and signal languages while improvising. In the form of lecture performance and open rehearsal, the demonstrations will be elaborated by their almighty rapper - Gold Mountain.