soundpocket x CMHK Joint Benefit 2021 – Time Is On Our Side

16.12.2021 (Thu) 6PM & 7PM
17.12.2021 (Fri) 6PM & 7PM

@ Black Box Studio, Goethe-Institut Hongkong

Participating Artists/

16.12.2021 (THU)
Yannick Dauby 澎葉生 | Vvzela Kook 曲淵澈 | Anson Mak 麥海珊 | Hiromi Miyakita 宮北裕美 | Push1Stop | Winnie Yan Wai-yin 忻慧妍 | Yip Kai-chun 葉啟俊

17.12.2021 (FRI)
Chaos Hands | Catherine Clover | soundpocket 聲音掏腰包 | Winnie Yan Wai-yin 忻慧妍 | Yim Sui-fong 嚴瑞芳

Time Is On Our Side – CMHK x soundpocket Joint Benefit 2021

現在音樂 x 聲音掏腰包慈善籌款 2021:俾多幾年我

There is no better time for micro-listening as gigantism exercises its obliterating might.
There is no better time for connecting as processes of atomization intensify.
There is no better time for supporting artists who sound out that which is alive despite deafening hyperbole that drowns out lifelines.

Time is on our side, for as long as it takes.

We have no plan to stop. We have no plan to diverge from our chosen path.
We promise not the spectacular, but commitment, tenacity, and the essential spirit of living an experimental life.
We are here to share the weight, the troubles, as much as the beauty that listening to everything nestles us into.
We are here to dig into that which matters for artists who keep listening, even when time seems to matter no more.




Thank you all for your support towards “Time Is On Our Side – Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong x soundpocket Joint Benefit 2021”. Whether you have pledged a donation, attended our “We Are Here To Stay Screenings” or “Never Gonna Give You Up Party”– we are touched and overjoyed by your generosity. 

We are thrilled to announce our fundraising total is HK $227,107. After the deduction of event expenses, we have raised $104,436 for CMHK, and $114,436 for soundpocket. Your effort brought us to the success of reaching our fundraising goal, and this amount is sufficient for both of the organizations to bring back the affected programs in 2021 and 2022.

Your contribution has made the next Sonic Anchor evenings in June and July, and the Sonic Transmission artist exchange program presented by CMHK, as well as soundpocket’s Artist Support Programme possible . We cannot thank you enough for how much of a difference this is going to make – we are incredibly moved by your generosity and we have truly felt that time is on our side this year.

Last but not least, we’d like to extend our gratitude to Goethe-Institut Hongkong, our venue partner for the “We Are Here To Stay Screenings”, and The Aftermath, our venue sponsor of the “Never Gonna Give You UpParty” , and all of the artists who had performed, and contributed their works and playlists at the Joint Benefit. 


衷心感謝大家對《現在音樂 x 聲音掏腰包慈善籌款2021﹕俾多幾年我》的支持,不論你曾經捐款、出席《不想離開放映會》或是到場支持《拒絕分手派對》,您的慷慨及熱心都令我們無比感動及欣喜。


您的支持使現在音樂接下來於6月的聲音下寨演出 、本季度的聲音傳輸交流計畫,以及聲音掏腰包的藝術家支援計劃變成可能。您捐贈的一分一毫所帶來的機遇,我們無以言謝,您的熱心支持使我們真正感受到「時間一直在我們的身邊」。

最後,我們希望向支持今次籌款活動的場地夥伴及藝術家致以衷心謝意。感謝香港歌德學院及 The Aftermath分別提供《不想離開放映會》及《拒絕分手派對》的場地資助,並感激所有於放映會及派對中提供作品、歌單及義演的藝術家。