LCSD Presents: Many Visions of Many Cosmos – Olivier Messsiaen’s Vision de l’amen

Dates & times/

16 – 17/6/2017 | 8pm

18/6/2017 | 3pm


Black Box Theatre, Kwai Tsing Theatre

Pianist: Tattoo – Linda Yim (Hong Kong) and Thomas Rosenkranz (USA)
Composer and Media Artist: Remy Siu (Canada)
Installation Artist: Kacey Wong (Hong Kong)
Film: Rita Hui (Hong Kong)

Presented by LCSD, produced by CMHK, an audio-visual imagination of cosmic currents: Many Visions of Many Cosmos – Visions de l’amen. The performance was divided into 2 parts:

The first part of the performance focused on Visions de l’amen, performed by the piano duo Tattoo. Tattoo is comprised of local pianist Linda Yim and American pianist Thomas Rosenkranz, who was a student of Messiaen’s second wife Yvonne Loriod-Messiaen while Messiaen is the composer of Visions de l’amen. The piano duo demonstrates the Catholic perspective towards things on earth and the universe. Messiaen’s instrumental epic will be accompanied by a re-edit of Hong Kong filmmaker Rita Hui’s award-winning feature, Keening Woman, a visual essay on Taoist beliefs of the underworld. It offers a contrast to the Catholic world depicted by two pianos. The core concept of the production – the many visions of many cosmos – is highlighted through the juxtaposition of Catholic cosmology and Taoist underworld.

The second part of the performance is an audio-visual performance ‘new eyes – for (single) player’. Through-out the work, a generative light sculpture is manipulated through a series of limited performer interventions with two projectors. The piece seeks to subvert the standard relationship between player and instrument by creating consequence and complication for every action. These parameters are displayed for the audience as the performer attempts to shape the light and sound, while confronting a shifting interface and increasing instability.