soundpocket x CMHK Joint Benefit 2016 – Feeding Frenzy

Date & time/

26/9/2016 (Sat) | 13:00 & 20:00


East Lounge

Conceiver and Composer/

Fast Forward


Heidi Law (HK) | Steve Hui (HK) | Louis Siu (HK) | Timothy Sun (HK)


André Chan (HK) | Norma Chu (HK) | Maurice Lai (HK) | Herman Lau (HK) | Cam Wong (HK)


Vvzela Kook (HK) | Samson Cheung (HK) | Yeung Yang (HK) | Samson Young (HK)

WHAT IS FEEDING FRENZY? | 甚麽是《Feeding Frenzy》?

Feeding Frenzy is a culinary concert originally conceived by New York-based composer Fast Forward. Local musicians and chefs awaken our senses by bringing them back together in a festive celebration of art and food. As a member of audience, all the sounds you make also contribute to the concert, which begins with the shared table. Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett writes in Opera Gastronomica, “Mr. Fast Forward’s ‘sculptural approach to creating sound’ ties the sound of the objects, substances, and processes of cooking to ‘the physical gesture that creates the sound.’” You will not know what food you will be served until it is. Such is the wonder and mystery of the total Feeding Frenzy experience.
Feeding Frenzy has been performed in New York (US), Duluth (US), Miami (US), Berlin (GER), Dijon (FRA), Bergen (NOR), Viitasaari (FIN), Umeå (SWE).

《Feeding Frenzy》是由現居紐約的作曲家Fast Forward構想的音樂饗宴。本地音樂家與廚師透過這結合了藝術和食物的盛宴,把觀衆不同的感官重新聚集並喚醒。作爲觀衆席的一員,從與別人同坐餐桌開始,您製造的所有聲音均成爲音樂饗宴的一部分。Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett 在Opera Gastronomica中寫道:「藝術家Fast Forward其製造聲音的雕塑式方法,把不同物件、物質、烹飪過程的聲音連繫到因身體上的動作而產生的聲音。不直到最後一刻,您也不會知道我們會端上甚麽食物;因而構成整個《Feeding Frenzy》體驗所帶來的驚喜和神秘。
《Feeding Frenzy》曾於紐約(美國)、德盧斯(美國)、邁阿密(美國)、柏林(德國)、第戎(法國)、卑爾根(挪威)、維塔薩里(芬蘭)、于默奧(瑞典)等多個城市演出。

WHY DEBUT FEEDING FRENZY IN HONG KONG? | 何以把《Feeding Frenzy》帶到香港初演?

soundpocket and CMHK are proud to present the Asia premier of Feeding Frenzy in Hong Kong as our Joint Benefit 2016. Why? Because we make sound in art the same way, too – by keeping our bodies alert to unexpected rhythms, by staying curious with the taste from mixing disparate materials, by disturbing the purity of anything that comes to our ears…or in short, by listening.

聲音掏腰包及現在音樂很榮幸把《Feeding Frenzy》帶到香港,並於我們的聯合籌款舉行在亞洲的首場演出。爲甚麽?因爲我們同樣以聲音創作藝術 –透過使我們身體對突如其來的節奏保持靈敏、對混合截然不同物料的愛好保有好奇、對我們耳朵接收到的任何純粹抱有疑問,又或簡單而言,透過聆聽。

The Culinary Concert Features:
o multisensory experience: music performance by top musicians+ food brought by Artist/ Celebrity/ Michelin chefs
o green experience: local-grown seasonal foods
o fused experience: fuse food with art
o exceptional dining experience: Chinese and Western menus brought together in surprising ways
o unforgettable experience: dine at casual yet arty factory-turned-event-space

o 多重感官享受:本地傑出音樂家與藝術家、名人及米芝連星級廚師帶來的音樂盛宴
o 「綠色」餐飲文化:品嘗本地種植之時令食材
o 嶄新品味經驗:美食結合音樂與聲音藝術
o 非凡味覺體驗:令你驚喜的中、西菜單
o 難忘用餐經歷:充滿藝術氣息的畫廊用餐