2018/19 R&D Project: MAX Not-Just-For LIVE

Project Leader/

Wang Changcun

Project Summary

Changcun is back with his new researches on Max for Live devices. With his ultra-creativity and his Max for Live devices, he has turned Ableton Livefrom a DAW completely to a software operating system for more general and various purpose. Changcun is also sharing his ideas and techniques on realizing the concept of “random” in Live, such as randomize Live effect device or instrument device’s parameters on the fly, random jump, random morph, etc.

Project Deliverables

1. Max for Live devices

Download The M4L Devices Here

1. Marque

2. Waste Sorting



Development Phase

January – June, 2019

Project Launch and Public Workshop

July 21, 2019


Wang Changcun

Currently based in Hangzhou/Shanghai, China. Wang Changcun(AYRTBH) is a sound artist, electronic musician and computer bug programmer.

In 2003, six of Wang’s work were chosen for the first sound art compilation CD “China: The Sonic Avant-Garde” which published by the American label Post-Concrete. In the same year, he performed at the first large scale international experimental music festival “Sounding Beijing 2003” in November.
October 2004, he had his first performance tour of Europe, which includes France, Netherlands, Belgium, etc. Then he got his solo CD “The Mountain Swallowing Sadness” published by the Belgian label Sub Rosa, and “Parallel Universe” by the American label Post-Concrete.

He also appears on many experimental music, sound art compilation CDs, for example the compilation “AN ANTHOLOGY OF NOISE & ELECTRONIC MUSIC #4” which published by Sub Rosa. AYRTBH’s 2017 album “MTK” was released by American label Detroit Underground, 2018 album “Song of Anon” was released by Beijing’s independent label D-Force.