2015/16 Research & Development Project: Media Walk Toolkit

Research Meetings/

29 – 30, Jan 2016

19 – 20, Mar 2016

Development Phase/

April – July, 2016

Project Launch and Public Workshop/

27, Aug 2016

Project Leader/

Wang Changcun, CMHK Technologist-in-residence

Project Summary

A “media walk” binds text, sound, and video to a specific physical location. Media walk as a genre had been made popular by sound artists, media artists and visual artists who are interested in such issues as public engagement, play, and place-making.

The Media Walk Toolkit is an easy-to-implement software package & template that comes with extensive documentation. By simply replacing elements within the template, artists with some experience in programming may create geo-tagged content and package them as a stand-alone App, which may only be accessed at specific locations. A special feature of the template is the sensitivity of the geo-tag, which may be adjusted to cover a street corner or an area the size of a tennis court.

Project Deliverables

1. An easy-to-implement software package for the creation of media walks on the iOS platform;
2. A set of user manual;
3. A public workshop to introduce the functionality of the toolkit.


Technologist-in-Residence: Wang Changcun

Currently based in Hangzhou, China, Wang Changcun is a sound artist, electronic musician, and computer programmer. Wang is a pioneering figure in sound art in China. In 2003, six of Wang’s work were chosen for the very first Chinese sound art compilation CD “China: The Sonic Avant-Garde,” which was released by the American label Post-Concrete. In the same year, Wang performed at the first large-scale international experimental music festival “Sounding Beijing 2003.”

In October 2004, Wang had his first performance tour of Europe. In the same year, his solo CDs “The Mountain Swallowing Sadness” was released by the Belgian label Sub Rosa, and “Parallel Universe” by the American label Post-Concrete. Wang also appeared on numerous experimental music and sound art compilation CDs, including the iconic compilation “AN ANTHOLOGY OF NOISE: ELECTRONIC MUSIC #4” released by Sub Rosa.

Follow these 5 easy steps to implement

1. Create your own 'Media Hotspot' data [SIX Elements: Text, Latitude, Longtitude, Sound, Video, Name of the spot]

2. Place files into specific html locations

3. Fill in data information in Textmate

4. Text run the app in a simulator

5. Install and run Media Walk in mobile device

System Requirement

 Xcode 7+ and IOS 9+

Download The Toolkit Here

Media Walk User Manual
Media Walk Toolkits