Spatial Audio by Hyewon Suk

Featured Artist/

Hyewon Suk

Course Content

Thanks to the development of technology, immersive experience has been widely used for diverse occasions from artistic practice to VR/AR industry. Accordingly, audio technology has also been required for contributing 3D experience through auditory perception. The course will cover the basic knowledge of spatialization in an audio reproduction and introduce different implications.

● The course is aimed at musicians, artists, developers and anyone who would like to have a better understanding of spatial audio.

● The course will consist of half theory and a half practice.

● After finishing the course, students will be familiar with the concept of spatialization and ready to experiment on diverse speaker systems for their own purpose.

First Lesson:

Explanation about human auditory perception and the general idea of a spatialization in audio as well as historical examples in music.

Second Lesson:

Introducing a channel-based audio reproduction system including stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 surround system, and multi-channel speaker array.

Third Lesson:

Introducing an object-based audio reproduction system and basic knowledge of ambisonic technique including the concept of encoding and decoding.

Fourth Lesson:

Demonstration of channel-based audio reproduction for music production or performance situation. Introducing the setting for each DAW program (possibly Reaper, Ableton Live and Logic)

Fifth Lesson:

Introducing ambisonic plugin (encoder and decoder) and Introducing binaural reproduction and its implication. demonstration of how to use.

Sixth Lesson:

Summarize the entire lesson and additional information for implication such as free plugins and sound library as a source.


Hyewon Suk is a composer and sound artist based in Berlin and Seoul. Hyewon has focused on creating an immersive atmosphere with immaterial and intangible ingredients such as sound, light, and space reflecting on the question of ontology, present and reality whilst encompassing Eastern and Western philosophies. Hyewon was classically trained in the major of composition at Ewha Womans University in Korea and finished a master degree at Bath Spa University in the UK majoring in Sound Arts. She has composed music for films and theater plays in Korea. Her sound installation works were exhibited in England and Germany.