DIY Electronics Sound by Kin Lam

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Kin Lam Lam

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DIY Electronic Sound 

關於主題: 這是一系列以自製類比電子裝置 (Analog electronics) 來探索聲音, 音樂和藝術創作的另類電子音樂入門教學. 活在一個數碼平台是主流來創作的年代, 我希望 可以藉著介紹一些不用依靠電腦軟件和”低門檻”的電子裝置來協助大家的創作和發掘聲音不同的可能性, 並讓大家重新審視自己所用的創作工具和方法. 我們會一起 製作幾個很常用而製作簡單的聲音裝置 讓大家試試用另一種角度來 “聽”, “看”, “玩” 聲音. 針對於對聲音有興趣的初學人仕, 課堂中的 project 皆不要求大家有任何相關 的知識 便可以參與和享受.

1. 《新手入門和製作 Victorian 合成器》 - 基本入門知識

2. 《我的新樂器: 收音機》 - 利用雙手觸碰收音機電路板來影響播出的聲音

3. 《聆聽弱小的聲音: 感觸式米高風》 - 學習焊接

4. 《幽靈探測器: 電磁場音樂》 - 學習製作和使用電感器米高風來探測電磁場(EMF)的聲音

5. 《化光為聲: 太陽能板發聲器》 - 利用太陽能板來轉化電筒的光線成為聲音

6. 《使用磁帶頭來演奏》 - 使用磁帶頭來閱讀磁條

7 《第一次改造: 改變玩具的聲音》 - 利用不同電子元件(電阻)來影響電子裝置的運作



Kin Lam Lam (b.1993, Hong Kong) is a maker and musician whose work explores the intersection of sound, light, electronics, and visual media. He tries to look at the world with a beginner’s mind and designs work that fulfills his curiosity. Drawing from his passion of experimenting with sound and DIY electronics, Kin Lam pushes electronics into the sonic world and uses them to design experimental instruments and objects from repurposed objects and fields. With a classical percussion background, music and sound art are intersected in his work and transformed into which include composition with unconventional notation, and most recently, amplified (fluorescent) lights and electromagnetic noises. Rhythm, timber, and material are focused in his works, which range from instrument construction, composition, live performance, and installation. 
Kin Lam holds a Master’s degree in Fine Art from School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a Bachelor’s degree in Percussion Performance from Sam Houston State University.