Sound Forms 2022

12 - 19 Nov 2022


Tai Kwun F Hall Studio

12 & 13 NOV 8pm (SAT & SUN)    Amy Chan & Kin Lam 陳一云 及 林建霖

15 & 16 NOV 8pm (TUES & WED) Lazarus Chan, Lam Yip & Law Yuk Mui 陳朗丰, 林葉及羅玉梅

18 & 19 NOV 8pm (FRI & SAT)  Michele Chu & Sudhee Liao 朱凱婷及廖月敏

Curated by 策畫﹕Karen Yu 余林橞

Sound Forms 2022: Bounding in Void


Sound surrounds us in every way: in the air, through the ground, and within our bodies, totally unconfined. How do we embrace and adapt to an unfamiliar space through sound?


Presented by Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong in collaboration with Tai Kwun Contemporary, the fifth edition of Sound Forms will take place 12–19 November 2022 at Tai Kwun, presenting 3 programmes of sound performances with a focus on collaborative works that attempt to create sonic bridges between different art forms.


Artist duo Amy Chan and Lam Kin Lam will dive into the vibrating particles and electromagnetic waves, exploring the intra-action instead of interaction between light and sound. Another pair of artists, Michele Chu and Sudhee Liao, will examine the everyday “glitches” that result from the gaps in expectation for human touch, spatial relationships, and social cues during the pandemic. The festival will also feature Lam Yip and Law Yuk Mui’s performance of I Talk Like a River and Lazarus Chan’s installation-performance Poplar Yuddha, which incorporates Chan’s field-recorded infrasound data.


Curator: Karen Yu

CMHK Company Manager: Him Cheung

CMHK Project Officer: Tsun Winston Yeung

Tai Kwun Contemporary Education and Public Programmes Curator: Veronica Wong

Tai Kwun Contemporary Education and Public Programmes Assistant Curator: Christy Chow




由現在音樂及大館當代美術館合辦的第五屆聲形聲音藝術節將於2022年11月12 – 19日再臨大館現場,為觀衆呈現3場以藝術家合作為主的聲音演出,希望能以聲音作為聯繫不同藝術形式的橋樑。


陳一云與林建霖將鑽進電磁波的粒子洪流中,探索的並非光與聲音這兩種獨立媒介之間的互動,而是探究兩者不可分割的「內造」(Intra-action);另一組藝術家朱凱婷及廖月敏將會審視疫症期間,人與人之間對觸碰、空間關係以及社交暗示等的期望落差所造成的日常「故障」;藝術節亦會呈獻由林葉及羅玉梅創作的表演作品《我的說話像河流》及陳朗丰以實地錄音採集的次音波所創作的裝置表演作品 Poplar Yuddha。