Sound Forms 2020

15-18 OCT 2020 @HONG KONG ARTS CENTRE 香港藝術中心

26-28 OCT 2020 @TAI KWUN CONTEMPORARY 大館當代美術館

Curator | 策畫: Remy Siu | 蕭逸楠 & Hera Chan | 陳思穎(大館版)

Featured Artists | 參與藝術家:

HKAC VERSION | 香港藝術中心場次: Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules + Michael Gary Dean, Hakgwai | 黑鬼, Lam Lai | 林儷, Luke Nikel, Kimberley Road Union | 金巴利道路真理生命, So Ho Chi | 蘇浩慈, Maria Takeuchi, Esther Wu | 胡旨澄

TK VERSION | 大館當代美術館場次: ASJ (ft. Skene Milne), Jasper Fung | 馮俊彥 (ft. Ma Wai | 馬嘉慧), Edwin Lo | 羅潤庭, Nerve, Vunkwan Tam | 譚煥坤 (ft. Ct1993), Karen Yu | 余林橞 (ft. Lawrence Lau | 劉曉江 & Joseph Lee | 李偉能)

 between breaths, the world became still. Time once again was measured in sunrises and sunsets, shadows that grew to their terminal length in the confines of our homes. In its third year, this edition of Sound Forms has mutated and grown with the seismic shifts
 that have affected forms of mutual aid, care, and turmoil. Hong Kong, an international airport hub and transfer node,
 now finds itself physically isolated. Yet the project of world-building endures.

 the first time in the festival’s history, we will be holding events across two spaces. The first week, developed in collaboration with Tai Kwun Contemporary and held in the JC Cube Auditorium, celebrates diverse sound practices—from audio-visual machinima
 (work created inside of a video game engine) to
 infectious haphazard 
roars and beats from the city’s
 underground scene. In our second week, we return to the Hong Kong Arts Centre to transmit newly commissioned audio-visual works from international artists, paired with emerging local talent. The sound artists we have invited reflect those who have superseded
 the usual confines of their medium. What they have to offer is a sensorium of experience created in collaboration with video artists, composers, and choreographers.

Curated by Remy Siu with Hera Chan (TKC Edition)


 《聲形》歷史中,我們安排的節目將會橫跨兩個場地。第一周的節目,將會在首度合作的大館當代美術館賽馬會立方中,演出多元化的作品 — 由聲影Machinima (由遊戲機生成的作品)以至地下音樂那些具感染力的嚎吼及節拍。

聲音藝術節策畫﹕蕭逸楠 及 陳思穎(大館版)