Sonic Transmission 2021-23: The Hague

Date: 11.11.2023

Time: 20:00 - 22:00

Location: iii workspace

Exchange Artist: Lazarus Chan


Featured artists: Stephanie Castonguay, liminal.synthesis, Lazarus Chan, Chen Yu-Jung

“Luminous Reverberations” is a visual spectacle and a multisensory journey that invites audiences to intimately engage with their surroundings. The interplay between projected imagery and soundscapes creates a symbiotic relationship that elevates the impact of the performances. 

Stephanie Castonguay will be converting light into audio making tactile projections using bioplastics. Chan Long Fung aka Lazarus delves deeply into observing and contemplating natural phenomena in life. Chen Yu-Jung will be presenting an interactive video and electronic performance reflecting on the 400 years of historical ties between Taiwan and The Netherlands.

The Programme

Flipchart is an event series mixing lectures and performances, a cabinet of curiosities where transitions are fast but the pages are infinite. The series offers a stage for experiments in the field of Art, Science & Technology, where making meets thinking. Visitors are presented with a snapshot on the creative process of artists and researchers within and around iii’s community.

Exchange Partner

iii is an artist run, community platform supporting new interdisciplinary practices linking performance, technology and the human senses. Arising from the ArtScience tradition of The Hague, iii strives to balance technological innovation, theoretical reflection and human experience. iii contributes to international developments in the field of Art, Science & Technology, functioning both as a cultural incubator supporting research and creation, and as an agency connecting creators to a broad audience via a wide (inter)national partner network.